Health and Community Resources

  • Student Support Services

    As COVID-19 cases rise, students may have one or more family members who become ill and are unable to provide care. As a result, students and their families may be facing overwhelming challenges related to mental health and access to basic needs. It is also important to address the stigma related to accessing mental health or social services. Rely on your counseling teams for strategies to address stigma and increase awareness around mental health care and accessing resources to meet basic needs.

    Ongoing communication about available resources for families and caregivers can help minimize stigma and create an atmosphere of care and support.

    Mental Health Resources:

    Listed below are mental health resources and providers throughout LA County. If there are staff, parents or students with immediate needs, please contact the County Department of Mental Health Access line: (800) 854-7771.

    ·       LA County Department of Mental Health: Offers a search engine of mental health providers by area for all ages.

    ·       LACOE EASE: Counseling service available to district staff and families to help manage emotions and stress. EASE provides consultations to management and supervisors on handling workplace-related emotional issues.

    ·       Exodus Urgent Care Center: 24-hour psychiatric crisis center for adults and children over age 12. Exodus provides crisis services and is a mental health urgent care center.

    Social Services Resources:

    ·       FindHelp: Allows families to access resources for food assistance, housing/bill help programs and other free or reduced cost programs. New programs are continually added for the COVID-19 pandemic. Resources are listed by zip code for families to find support in their area.

    ·       Protecting Immigrant Families: Provides list of resources and programs eligible to immigrant families during COVID-19.

    ·       Workforce Development Aging & Community Service: Meal service for people over age 65. Meals can be picked up by family members under age 65 or can be delivered for urgent needs.

    Reporting Hotlines:

    ·       Report Child Abuse: (800) 540-4000 

    ·       Report Hate: Dial "211"

    ·       Reporting Domestic Violence: (800) 978-3600 

    ·       Reporting Elder Abuse: (877) 477-3646