• Southlands Athletics Update

    A message from Rob Wigod, CIF Southern Section Commissioner of Athletics:

    “There has been one constant since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March…CHANGE! We have seen so many different things develop over the last several months and it has been extremely difficult to keep up with all the dynamics involved. However, what I want to assure you is there is one thing that will not change and that is our 2020-2021 Sports Calendars. They remain in place since they were announced on July 20 and will continue to remain in place as we begin October, approach November, and move forward in preparation for the launch of our Fall Sports season in mid-December. Our member schools have done a remarkable job of arranging schedules and making plans for what lies ahead, and I truly appreciate the incredible efforts they have made in service to our student-athletes. Hopefully, progress will continue to be made in getting our students back on campus for academics and athletics as we forge on through these unprecedented times.”

    As we move closer to our targeted November 2nd in-person practices, Southlands Christian continues with our commitment to make the best decision for the health and safety of our student-athletes. During a recent visit from the L.A. County Department of Public Health, we have been approved to move to Phase TWO of our four-phase plan. With that said, L.A. County is still in the “purple” level ( https://covid19.ca.gov/safer-economy/). This means that we are NOT “back to normal”. Everyone must strictly adhere to the set guidelines or we will be in danger of retreating back to Phase ZERO! We are currently working on a schedule for each team and will publish that this week. Southlands Christian Athletic Department has developed a 4-Phase “Return to Play” plan, which follows the recommendations of the CIF- State office and County Officials. 


    • All team activities are suspended until further notice.
    • *Phase ZERO is viewed as a temporary phase! During this phase, the Athletic Administration and Coaches are preparing for student-athletes to return to play. All aspects of our student-athlete safety are carefully considered and planned for during this time, including staff training on COVID 19 protocols.
    • The Athletic Department is committed to praying for our program and each individual athlete during this phase.


    • Coaches will prepare workout plans for their athletes. Workouts will be conducted independently per team/players via Zoom or some other form of electronic instruction. Workouts will take place approximately two times per week.
    • Coaches will oversee the student-athlete workout plans that have been prepared for them. Student-athletes who wish to participate with our athletic teams are expected to complete the workouts given to them by their coaches unless medically cleared to withhold from those workouts.
    • The Athletic Department is committed to praying for our program and each individual athlete during this phase.


    • Workouts will be conducted outdoors in “pods” or cohort groups of students. Those pods will consist of the same 5-12 student-athletes to limit overall exposures (max of 12 per pod; no more than 24 student-athletes per time slot). Available time slots are between 3:30-6:00 pm. Indoor activities are prohibited during this phase.
    • Coaches may not move between the 2 groups for that specific day.
    • Focus will be on agilities, strength and conditioning, with some individual skill sets.  Student-athletes will advance through this phase in a steady and progressive manner. It is understood that most athletes have been quarantined since March 2020 and may not be in the same physical condition they were then. Coaches will strategically implement drills that will allow the athletes to get back into “game shape” in a healthy and safe manner.
    • A minimum social distance of 6 feet between each individual is required at all times.
    • Equipment may not be shared during this phase. All equipment must be sanitized before and after each individual use.
    • Physical contact is NOT allowed.
    • Proper face coverings are required at all times unless engaged in high-intensity aerobic activity. Masks should be readily available and put back on once the activity is over.
    • Groups are prohibited from gathering at entrances/exits to facilities. Loitering before or after practice is strictly prohibited. Student-athletes should arrive at the start time and depart immediately after practice concludes. 
    • Parents and any other non-team members will not be permitted into the practice facilities. Parents are encouraged to wait in their cars.
    • The Athletic Department is committed to praying for our program and each individual athlete during this phase.


    • Inside gathering may not exceed the number of participants allowed by the prescribed local county.
    • Up to 50 individuals may gather outdoors for workouts. Workouts will be conducted in “pods” of students with the same 5-12 students working out together weekly to limit overall exposures.
    • Smaller pods will be utilized for weight training. Equipment may be used but should limit sharing between more than two athletes.
    • All equipment must be sanitized in between each use. Example: Two players share a volleyball for the purpose of passing to each other. The ball would be sanitized when those two athletes are done with that drill.
    • There must be a minimum distance of 6 feet between each individual at all times. If this is not possible indoors, then the maximum number of individuals in the room will be decreased to obtain a minimum distance of 6 feet between each individual.
    • Groups are prohibited from gathering at entrances/exits to facilities.
    • Parents and any other non-team members will not be permitted into the practice facilities.
    • Attendance at games will be limited to immediate family members only and staff. Social distancing and proper face coverings will be required while in attendance. All attendees will go through a screening process prior to entering the event.


    • SCS Athletics will only reach Phase Four once our Administration, Government, and local authorities provide clearance to do so. Guidelines on restrictions and safety measures will be strictly enforced so that we continue to stay in Phase Four. All indicators must be satisfied once therapeutics have been developed.
    • Attendance at games will be open with specific policies in place to provide a safe environment. This will likely include face coverings, social distancing in stands, etc.
    • *Phase Four may continue to evolve as we understand the virus better as time passes.

    Southland's Christian High School Athletics strives to provide a safe and beneficial program for our student-athletes. With this in mind, it is required that all athletes participating in athletics must have their Athletic Clearance complete. Any student-athlete that is not cleared by the Athletic Department is NOT permitted to participate in any phase of this plan.

    Please continue to check our athletic website for updates at www.southlandsathletics.com