Safety & Emergency Procedures

  • IPoly's emphasis on trust and safety encourages students to attain higher levels of achievement. IPoly stakeholders involved in ensuring safety on campus include students, parents, staff, Cal Poly Pomona and IPoly faculty and administration and the Cal Poly Police Department.

    Emergency Procedures:
    In an emergency, it is important to follow the guidelines below.

    IPoly Campus:
    If the emergency occurs during a regular class, students are to remain with their classroom teacher. If before school, at break, lunch time or at the end of the day, students are to report to their House teacher. If on the Cal Poly campus, students are to report directly to their supervising teacher and not attempt to return to IPoly's campus. The supervising instructor will call IPoly’s main office and report any absences.

    Cal Poly Campus:
    If students are on the Cal Poly Campus (without a supervising teacher during an emergency), they are to report to the nearest building and report to any adult staff. They are to ask for the Building Marshall. Students are to remain until released by the Building Marshall, at which time IPoly will be notified of their release by the Building Marshall.

    General Safety Measures on the Cal Poly Campus, students should:

    • Have a partner or a group of friends with them at all times
    • Avoid isolated areas
    • Program their cell phone with the University Police telephone number 909-869-3070
    • Attempt to take college classes with other IPoly students
    • Wait for transportation in a location that is open and well populated