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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    The iPoly Assessment System and College Entry

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    Parents and students often ask how colleges view iPoly’s unique educational program. iPoly’s academic program is college preparatory. Our courses have gone through a rigorous evaluation and been approved by the University of California and California State University systems. This approval is known as meeting the “A-G” course requirements for entrance. Approximately 97% of iPoly graduates continue on to higher education after high school.

    The following questions and answers are designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of our educational program.

    Q: Why does iPoly assign a 4.0 value to “A+” as well as the “A” assessment marks?

    A: In standard high schools, once you reach the level of an “A” you are awarded a 4.0.

    An “A+” also provides the same 4.0 in all non-weighted grading systems. 

    However, our rating of Exemplary (or “A+”) gives instructors an opportunity to recognize students who achieve levels far beyond the maximum. The “A+” assessment is our way of indicating excellence

    beyond the requirements of the course. This allows teachers and students alike to recognize the

    student who truly goes above and beyond.

    Q: Why doesn’t iPoly offer AP and Honors Classes?

    A: Students are encouraged to seek advanced coursework beyond our core curriculum. iPoly, however, chose not offer Honors and AP classes. When iPoly was developed, a conscious effort was made to create one college-preparatory curriculum that could be accessed by all students. We are opposed to tracking students by ability levels. For those students who desire opportunity to move beyond our college-prep curriculum, college courses, which are both transferable and competitive in college entrance requirements are available. Students must be at the 11th grade level and maintain a GPA of 3.0 (for Young Scholars at Cal Poly) or a 2.5 for most community college classes.

    Q: Does iPoly’s lack of AP & Honors classes adversely affect students’ college application?

    A: In a word, no. College courses and advanced high school coursework taken outside of our curriculum are encouraged for those who meet the above requirements. Our “A-G”curriculum goes beyond University requirements.