• Become a Peer Tutor
    “Peer Tutors provide expertise, experience and encouragement”

    Peer Tutors work one on one with students requiring assistance. Many students come to IPoly and find that they fall short in certain basic elements needed in order to achieve the high academic standards and expectations set forth by our teachers.

    Many of those elements include a lack of good study habits which would include: good note taking, studying for upcoming tests and quizzes, managing time, creating discipline to maintain solid work habits, presentation skills, help with homework, communication skills, planner writing, mentoring etc. In addition to working on basic study skills, a peer tutor may also have an expertise in certain subject matters such as Math, Science, Social Science, Spanish, and English Language.

    A peer tutor must be available to work with a student at least 2 days a week for 1-hour sessions, and it must be done here on campus. Since the tutor may have a busy schedule with higher-level classes as well as college classes, the tutor sets the schedule. We recommend lunch or after school or a combination of both.

    The parent of the student needing this support will pay the tutor $10.00 per session payable at time of service. In order for this to work, we ask for both Peer Tutor and Student to be 100% committed to making this work. Students cannot cancel. Only the parent can cancel the session. If you are interested in doing this for Community Service hours, you must arrange it with me.

    To become a Peer Tutor, you must be a Junior or Senior with a minimum of a 3.0 Academic Grade Point Average. Sophomore Peer Tutors must have a recommendation from a teacher.

    How to Apply
    If you are interested, please contact Academic Monitor Eddie Silva at (909) 839-2364 or email silva_eddie@lacoe.edu.