10th Grade Semester Projects

  • 1st Semester: Choose Your Own Adventure 


    Today’s students are faced with the challenge of a rapidly changing schemata because everything moves at an alarming pace: from politics to technological advances to societal norms. In this environment of being constantly bombarded with ideas and images of “what should be”, how do people make decisions for themselves? Are all choices predetermined by external forces? When is it necessary to go with the status quo and when to choose the less-traveled path? In order to navigate these ever-changing and often turbulent waters, students will need to develop a viable skill set, both traditional and innovative, in order to survive and succeed.

    Choose Your Own Adventure is a semester-long project where students are tasked to investigate the decision-making process from a variety of perspectives. They will explore the concept of choice as it relates to each content area and ultimately, they will synthesize the results of their investigations to answer the project Essential Question: In what ways do choices determine success? 

    2nd Semester: Global Competition

    Students engage in a multicultural and interdisciplinary investigation of the globe to examine sports, cultures, environments, freedom, personal expression, and unresolved problems of the modern world.  This Global Competition Project is organized into academic and physical events in which student teams represent countries to earn assessments for each project component.  Participation and exemplary achievements will earn house points, which count towards the House Cup. The Global Competition Project culminates in a simulated Olympic event.