• 9th Grade Math

  • 9th Grade Integrated Math II

    Instructor: Kara ThinnesMs. Thinnes

    East House - Room 2016


    Course Description

    Math 9 will be focused on both Algebra I and Geometry Common Core Standards. Students will meet these standards by working collaboratively to complete projects and other in class assignments, as well as independently on online assignments as well as individual assessments. This course will help students use math as a tool to solve real-world problems, as well as give students the tools to understand and utilize mathematical theory. 

    Project-Based Learning will be an integral part of this classroom. Projects account for the majority of the grade, and are primarily used for students to demonstrate mastery of the material.

    Most units will be assessed using a project, and students will be required to present to an audience. Projects will be based on real-world concepts, and students will use their knowledge of mathematical material to generate conclusions about their world, and how to improve it.