• 12th Grade Math

  • 12th Grade Discrete Math

    Instructor: Joon Park

    East House - Room 2009


    Course Description

    To prepare students for upper level mathematics and a mathematical foundation for computer science, students will learn to express their arguments orally and in writing, question each other's arguments and their thinking, collaborate in groups on ideas and problems, organize data and information, assess each other's arguments and provide feedback both in writing and orally. Students will be required to create algorithms, decision trees, probability games, circuits and network models and therefore will learn Logic, Set Notation, Relations, Functions, Counting principles, Graph Theory, Algorithm Design, Trees, and Boolean Algebra. 

    First semester will be the introduction to game theory and probability. We will also be studying an introduction to combinatorics, logic, Euler & Hamiltonian Paths, and the Pigeonhole Principal.

    Second semester will include learning about sequences and how they relate to our world. We will cover The RSA Public-Key Cryptosystem and its function plus more.

    Throughout the course, we will be doing project investigations related to our topics.