• 9th Grade Language Arts

  • 9th Grade Language Arts

    Instructor: Bianca Caraza

    North House - Room 1035


    Course Description

    In Integrated English, students will use Common Core State Standards to develop literacy skills and habits that allow them to participate intelligently in the outside world and prepare for the academic demands of college coursework.  These standards will be explored through the Pearson myPerspectives 9th Grade Textbook.

    As part of the first semester project, (ex)peditions Unlimited, students will be researching an environmentalist, explorer, or geographer and then presenting as that person.  This activity allows them to develop their research and presentation skills as they learn about a variety of influential figures throughout time and from across the globe. Additionally, students will research environmental change for an assigned location and share out as experts in their field.  This will be accomplished in audio and video podcast-style transmissions as well as a formal in-person presentation of their findings for the entire freshman class.

    For the second semester project, Infotainment, students will be writing an informative essay on a topic that interests them within one of the following four houses: Global Pandemics, Human Rights, Ecology, and Eco-Technology. Additionally, students will create infographics about their topics, which they will use to educate others in a tradeshow-style presentation. The project will culminate with a 2-hour theatrical stage production for the community, hosted entirely by the students of the freshman class.