• 10th Grade Language Arts

  • 10th Grade Language Arts

    Instructor: Anna PellegriniMs. Pellegrini

    North House - Room 1033



    Course Description

    First semester of 10th grade Language Arts will engage students in an exploration of literature reflecting issues of conflict in our world. Students will examine political, social, and environmental issues of an assigned country and will keep a blog about their experience in working with organizations that are trying to solve their country’s issues. Students will also study works from Shakespeare and apply their reading to modern day issues.

    Second semester, students will focus on creating arguments and will work to be able to debate their peers about historically significant events. Students will continue their exploration of Shakespeare as they work to produce a screen play for a film adaptation of a Shakespearian play.

    Finally, students will keep a personal blog exploring a topic of their choice that will extend and improve over both semesters.