• 10th Grade Math

  • 10th Grade Integrated Math III

    Instructor: Edward EstradaMr. Estrada

    East House - Room 1034



    Course Description

    Integrated Math III integrates advanced algebra concepts with algebraic applications of geometric concepts. Concepts include triangles, quadrilaterals, chords, sectors, areas, compass and straight-edge constructions. Students will interpret and analyze linear, quadratic, rational, logarithmic and exponential functions. Trigonometric functions and identities are introduced using the unit circle. Additional statistics and probability concepts are introduced to complete the course.
    We begin the semester with geometric constructions using a compass and straightedge. We then delve into circles, chords, tangent lines, sectors, radians, inscribed angles and their applications. By November, students are exposed to arithmetic and geometric sequences using spreadsheets. The use of spreadsheets is an important part of their first semester World Fair project. Students use spreadsheets to create a travel budget using introductory budgeting concepts. We end the first semester with exponential and logarithmic functions.
    We begin the second semester with polynomial arithmetic and the graphical and algebraic analysis of their functions. By March students begin work on graphical and algebraic analysis of rational functions. Combinatorics and probability are touched upon for use with our second semester Escape Room project. We end the semester with the introduction to the unit circle and derive all trigonometric functions and properties.