• 10th Grade Science

  • 10th Grade Physics

    Instructor: Damon HedmanMr. Hedman

    South House - Room 1045


    Course Description

    Physics is a laboratory based introduction to the main principles of physics with an emphasis on the development of conceptual understanding and problem-solving ability using algebra and geometry.  Topics include mechanics, thermodynamics, sound and light waves, electricity, and magnetism.

    During first semester we will cover Newton’s Laws of motion, conservation of momentum and energy, and thermodynamics.  For the first semester project students will research the science of a sport.  They will analyze the physical phenomena that are present in a specific sport.  They will create a Crash Course style video that explains the physics and how the science affects the athlete’s training and overall strategy.

    During second semester we will cover light waves, sound waves, electricity and magnetism, and other topics.  For the second semester project students will design and build a musical instrument.

    The first semester project, Science of a Sport, will connect the ideas of Newton’s laws with conservation of energy.  It will also help students understand how the physics concepts affect an athlete’s strategy.  The second semester project will allow students to integrate their understanding of sound waves and other concepts as they design and build a musical instrument.