• Community Service Learning

    Community Service

    Students at IPoly must serve a minimum of 100 volunteer hours in order to graduate from iPoly. This includes community service and service learning. See descriptions below:

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    • Community service addresses the needs of the community. It allows students to take the knowledge, ability and insight gained at iPoly and apply it to the community to make it a better place.There are many ways students can volunteer their time. A few examples are: tutoring a young child, assisting a senior citizen, helping out with a civic group at their place of worship, working for a human/civil rights organization, environmental cleanup, and/or working for a community summer program.
      • Service learning is completed in the 12th grade and relates directly to the senior project. The volunteer activities go beyond community service by addressing human and community needs as they relate specifically to a classroom project. Two components must take place in service learning: "reflection" (recognizing the link between the volunteer experience and the project) and "reciprocity" (in which the student, class, and community receive mutual benefit). Both reflection and reciprocity must be documented through methods approved by the teacher. These methods may include impromptu presentations, small-group discussions, essays, journals, photo essays, and other interactive means.

      Total Number of Volunteer Hours Required per Grade Level

      9th Grade:10 hours required
      10th Grade:20 hours required
      11th Grade:30 hours required
      12th Grade:

      40 hours required