• Extracurricular Activities

    Extracurricular Activities 

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    IPoly has a wide array of extracurricular activities including electives, clubs, CTE classes, pep rallies, dances, on-campus sports, spirit weeks, festivals, plays, movie nights, and other special events throughout the year.  


      • Students select an elective each year
      • Electives for 2017-18 include:

        Yearbook, ASB, Introduction to Java, Dance Team, Drama, Film Studies A—Creation, Film Studies BAppreciation, Fitness Program, Japanese Pop Culture, Debate, Strategic Gaming, College Prep 101, Academic SupportMath and Science, Academic SupportStudy Skills, Art, Perspectives, and the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire explained through Star Wars 

      • Electives last 1-hour 26 minutes each, and meet twice a week on Tuesday and Friday


        • Clubs are created and run by IPoly students
        • Each club must go through an ASB approval process, have a faculty advisor and board of officers, and conduct meetings on campus
        • Some of the clubs on campus include: Project Smile, Basketball Club, Debate Club, Diversity Club, Drama Club, EGO Club(Games/eSports), Hope Club, Music Appreciation, Music/Studio Club, Nintendo Gamers Club, Christian Club, Photoshop , Rainbow Alliance (GSA), Strategic Gaming Club, and Student Artists Round Table (START)


        Career Technical Education (CTE):

        • Juniors and Seniors may take Film and Video Production or Digital Photography; courses meet twice a week after school 
        • Students receive a Certificate of Completion as well as a grade and credits
        • CTE courses are UC approved; to receive VAPA credit, both semesters must be completed

        Pep Rallies:

        • Pep rallies normally occur prior to a school dance
        • Gathering at the Cal Poly Auditorium, the entire school gets together to rally and show their school spirit
        • Grade levels play entertaining games and participate in game show style competitions as the school cheers them on
        • Students show off their talent, whether it is singing, dancing, or performing a flags routine
        • IPoly students have a spirit week leading into the pep rallies with themes ranging from crazy hair day, neon color day, animal print day, etc to earn class spirit points


        • Dances are held throughout the year, and organized by ASB
        • They include the Welcome Back, Halloween, Winter Formal, Sadie's, Spring Fling and Senior Prom
        • Students from any grade level may attend dances (with the exception of prom)
        • ASB membership offers student discounts to dances
        • Parents must pick students up immediately at the end of the dance
        • Students that leave the dance early will not be allowed to re-enter the dance


        • While IPoly does not offer competitive sports against other schools, students do participate through PE, electives, and intramural sports (on campus recreationally)
        • Recreational sports games include soccer, basketball, football, cross country, etc
        • PE classes take place on Cal Poly's campus; students have access to the Cal Poly gym, field, swimming pool, tennis courts, and may use the lockers (designated only for IPoly-students to use during classtime)
        • Students may play team sports for their home school. The process must begin one year in advance and subject to approval by both high school principals, the LACOE Board of Education, and the Southern Section and State CIF. The participating student must enroll and attend one class at the home school in order to be eligible to participate. The IPoly curricular program cannot be impacted by participation.
        • A local private school activily recruits IPoly students to play sports with their students including: Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Baseball, Softball and Badminton (call IPoly for information)

        Other Notable Events:

        • Throughout the year, IPoly hosts movie nights for students to watch new and classic films with friends 
        • Evening theater productions are performed by the Drama Club and open to the public
        • Scare Fair and I-Fest are two very large scale carnival events on campus that include food and game booths, and entertainment
        • IPoly's Talent Show– IPoly's hidden talent comes to the surface in this evening talent show open to the public
        • Senior/Junior Powderpuff Football Game– IPoly's traditional all-girl football game attended by the school, with the boys cheering them on from the sidelines