Health Services

  • First-Aid Services:
    IPoly’s main office provides first-aid services. Although IPoly does not have a full-time health specialist on staff, a school clerk/secretary is available to provide assistance 7:30am–4:00pm. IPoly has a nurse on-site part time.

    Health Services:
    Students in need of health services during class time should check out of class through their instructor. They should report directly to the Main Office and be checked in by office staff.

    If an accident occurs on campus, the office staff will notify the parent or guardian and will make a report of the incident. Whenever health services are required, it is mandatory that a student checks in with the office staff first.

    IPoly High School has forms for the physician and parent to sign, when a student must take medication at school. Medication must be contained in a pharmaceutical container with the student’s name, physician’s name, and the name of the medication, dosage and time to be administered clearly labeled. The same directions apply for over-the-counter medications such as aspirin, Tylenol, and Midol. Students are PROHIBITED from carrying medication of any kind. The exception to this policy is the use of inhalers with doctor’s authorization for self-administration. Students may not offer their medication to anyone at any time. Students who feel that they need medication must come to the Main office where the office staff will assist them in reaching a parent or guardian.