School Safety

  • ‘School’ is defined as the IPoly/Cal Poly campus. IPoly is committed to ensuring that a safe environment is maintained for all students. Any suspected activity should be reported immediately to the IPoly Office.

    In an emergency, follow the guidelines below. These guidelines will ensure everyone’s safety. It’s important for students to always follow good safety practices.

    Four Emergency Responses:

    1) IPoly campus: If the emergency occurs during a regular class, students are to remain with their classroom teacher. If before school, at break, lunch time (if on IPoly campus) or at the end of the day, students are to report to their house teacher.
    2) IPoly Classes Away from IPoly Campus (PE, Library, Campus Activity, etc.): Students are to report directly to their supervising instructor and not attempt to return to the IPoly campus. Supervising instructor will call IPoly’s main office and report any absences.
    3) Cal Poly Campus: If students are on the Cal Poly campus (without a supervising instructor during an emergency), they are to report to the nearest Building Marshall. They need to state that they are an IPoly student and request IPoly’s main office is called at 909-839-2320. Students are to remain until released by the Building Marshall at which time IPoly will be notified of their release by the Building Marshall, who will be wearing an orange emergency vest.
    4) Off Cal Poly/IPoly Campus (community service, field trip, etc.): Students are to report to their supervising instructor/advisor/mentor. Supervising personnel will call IPoly’s main office and report any absences.

    Emergency drills are conducted during the school year. Drills are serious practice so that everyone will be prepared should a real emergency occur. Drills include earthquake and evacuation drills, as well as ‘lockdown’ protocol and fire drills. Procedures are reviewed with staff members who in turn teach them to students.


    • Have a partner or a group of friends with you- when you are on the Cal Poly campus.
    • Avoid isolated areas.
    • If you are taking a college class, attempt to take classes with other IPoly students.
    • When waiting for transportation, be in a location that is open and well populated.
    • If you are on the campus at night, wait for your ride in a well-illuminated area, preferably in a well-populated area or in a building such as the library
    • If you become concerned about your safety, im-mediately enter a building, notify a staff member or use the campus phone to call the University Police at 909/869-3070. You can also use the blue emergency phones in the parking lots.
    • If you observe unusual activities, immediately notify an IPoly or Cal Poly staff member.
    • Program your cell phone with the University Po- lice telephone number 909-869-3070 for emergency situations on campus.
    • Report anything that seems suspicious to the IPoly staff or the university police.