Graduation Requirements

  • Student must complete a minimum of 240 credits and meet the UC A-G entrance course requirements to earn an IPoly diploma. This includes 210 credits of required core courses and a minimum of 30 credits in additional courses. The IPoly core course sequence includes the a-g requirements.

    Required Academic Content:

    • English/Language Arts... 40 credits
    • Mathematics... 40 credits
    • Science... 40 credits
    • Social Science*... 40 credits
    • Foreign Language... 20 credits
    • Physical Education... 20 credits
    • Visual and Performing Arts... 10 credits
    • Additional Required Courses... 30 credits

    * 9th grade Social Science may be waived for transfer students.

    Course Enrollment:
    Students in grades 9-11 must be enrolled in seven courses per semester, and 12th grade students must be enrolled in five courses. Students are encouraged to take CTE courses and concurrent college courses at through the Young Scholars, Special Admit or Dual Enrollment Program.

    Senior Project:
    Students must successfully complete the senior Capstone Project, which includes working with an expert in the field of their project. The Senior Project topic is self-selected by the student, and approved by the senior teachers.

    Community Service:
    A minimum of 100 hours of community service is required to graduate; this includes 50 hours of service learning related to the senior Capstone Project. Students transferring in from other high schools are only required to complete the number of hours associated with the years enrolled at IPoly. 

    9th Grade 10 hours required
    10th Grade 20 hours required
    11th Grade 30 hours required
    12th Grade 40 hours required