Emotional Wellness

  • Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in students’ need for social emotional support. In response, IPoly has created a wellness center that provides mental health services to effectively support students’ emotional well-being.

    All students in the general population now have access to counseling services provided by a clinical social worker, mental health interns and a wellness counselor. In addition, the school psychologist continues to provide general education counseling to students who have a 504 accommodation plan or who have been referred by school administration.

    For more information, or if you have specific questions, please contact 909-839-2320. You may also email a trained mental health staff member below.

    School Psychologist: Teresa Duez

    Social Worker: Sharon Jain

    Wellness Counselor: Jovanne Myers

    Mental Health Intern: Manuel Gallegos

    Mental Health Intern: Viridiana Ramirez