Parent Commitment to Support the Learning at IPoly

  • Monitor your student’s work:
    At the beginning of each semester House teachers provide their students with their project packets. students should copy dates of assignments from their packet into their planners. Parents, you should photocopy the project calendar and post it in an area that is visible and will serve as a reminder of important deadlines. Note: a missing component can significantly affect a student’s overall grade in a class.

    Students should have academic planners:
    Check your student’s planners and project packets on a regular basis and pay attention to due dates and requirements. If a student’s planner is blank for more than a few days, they are not using it consistently. There is always homework whether it is studying or working on a project component.

    • Students should bring their planners daily for you to check their assignments. They should have due dates noted in the calendar section of their planner.     
    • Check planner against your sutdent's project packets to make sure that they
      have not missed recording important information, including due dates.

    Expect that the learning curve for your student will be HIGH (if your student is new to IPoly):

    • Students are expected to work beyond their regular school day.       
    • They will be required to research, acquire college prep study skills, and to work with others.       
    • Expect that they'll get frustrated in the beginning, but allow them to go through the struggle. Understand that your student is adjusting to a new environment and a new way of learning.       
      •  Be patient with your student during this transition
      •  Ask them to get clarification from a classmate
      •  Encourage them to speak with their teacher

    Support Collaboration and Group Work:

    • Host team meeting at your home       
    • Share phone numbers and email addresses with other team member's parents       
    • Help share costs of supplies with other team members (remember supplies should not cost a fortune…we suggest going to Big Lots).
    • Remind students that they shouldn't wait until the last minute to work on their projects, and remind them to to stay on task.       
    • be aware that your student's effort and participation affects the team, which at some grade levels can affect the assessments of all the students in the group. This IPoly practice teaches them that effort and good work is the responsibility of the entire team.       

    If any situation becomes unmanageable, call the Counselor or Assistant Principal at 909-839-2320. Remember we are here to help!

    Familiarize with TurnItIn.Com:
    Turn It In Dot Com is a web-based program that identifies plagiarism of all types. It is also able to detect student work that has been copied from classmates. Many IPoly teachers use this, including all of our English teachers. Students are required to submit their work to this site. If work shows duplication it is recognized as plagiarism and informs the teacher. Plagiarized work is not accepted and students will receive “no credit” and will not be able to makeup the work.


    • Daily attendance at IPoly is essential, but please keep them home if they are sick. 
    • If absent, students should call a House buddy to get assignments prior to the next school day. Timeliness of assignments is important at IPoly even during an absence. That is why their planners are so important to keep up to date.       
    • Absences are to be cleared within three days by sending a note to indicate the reason for the absence. A telephone call to the Main Office is preffered at 909-839-2320.
    • Please read the Attendance Policy in the Student Handbook for detailed information.    

    Student Handbook:
    The Handbook is distributed at the beginning of each year. It is also posted on our website. Our handbook is a parent reference guide to IPoly.

    9th Grade Information:
    Freshman students will receive monthly updates of their academic progress. Printouts are sent home with students with the exception of the official mid-semester and final grade reports. If you have not received a report by November, call the Counseling Office. Also, if your student is not bringing home monthly reports for you to sign, call the Counseling Office. In the near future we hope to utilize an electronic portal by which you can view your student’s progress on a monthly basis at all grade levels.

    No Late Work Policy:
    At the 9th grade the teachers have a “no late work” policy (except in the case of an excused absence). This means that students will not get credit for work that is turned in late. This is another reason that the planner is so important. But to help your student transition to IPoly, the 9th grade teachers give each student 2emergency homework passes (in each core class per semester) that will excuse them from an assignment in the case of an emergency. Parent signatures are required on the pass to make it valid. This policy is another way by which we prepare your student for the rigor of college, while they are making the adjustment to our school.