11th Grade Semester Projects

  • 1st Semester: Prometheus Redux 2020 

    Students will engage in a dynamic group-driven project exploring the many facets of sustainable energy resources.  Using their acquired knowledge from extensive research, students will explore alternative energy sources and conservation awareness that could help mitigate our dependency on fossil fuels. Prometheus Redux will require students to exercise critical thinking skills, utilize persuasion tactics, and synthesize accumulated data to ultimately present their answer to the…

    Essential Question: What is the best pathway to a sustainable and conservable energy future?

    2nd Semester: The American Dream

    Students will engage in a dynamic, self-driven exploration of  “The American Dream.” They will begin by examining what it means to be American and how the “dream” materialized by studying a variety of primary sources. The students will then develop a definition of “The American Dream” by concentrating on a specific assigned decade in time. The project will culminate in a junior class museum that showcases various pieces built by students that represent what shaped America throughout the decades and their own lives.

    Essential Question: What is the American Dream?