• 11th Grade Social Science

  • 11th United States History

    Instructor: Martin NavaroliMr. Navoroli Teaching

    West House - Room 2010


    Course Description

    Students in the eleventh grade will study the major turning points in American history. Following a review of the nation’s beginnings and the impact of the Enlightenment on U.S. democratic ideals, students will build upon the tenth grade study of global industrialization to understand the emergence and impact of new technology and a corporate economy, including the social and cultural effects.

    Students will participate in the examination of: American involved wars (Revolutionary/Civil/World/Cold), Constitution Building, Progressivism, Imperialism, The Jazz Age, The Depression, The U.S. as a major world power, The Rights Revolutions, Political Scandals, and America today. An in-depth investigation of historical events and periods, the fostering of multicultural awareness, the recognition of ethical, civic, and democratic values present in American society, and the development of a historical perspective in relation to contemporary events represent the major aspects of this course.

    Literature, music, art, primary readings, videos, simulations and other activities will be used to enhance the subject. Students will learn that the United States has served as a model for other nations and that the rights and freedoms we enjoy are not accidents, but the results of a defined set of political principles that are not always basic to citizens of other countries.   

    Course Sequence:

    Semester I: The Earliest Americans, Revolution and Independence, The Civil War, Progressivism, Imperialism, World War I and The 1920’s

    Semester II: The Great Depression, The New Deal, World War II, The Cold War, The Rights Revolutions, Vietnam and the 70’s-Present