• 11th Grade Math

  • 11th Grade Precalculus

    Instructor: Trent SpeierMr. Speier

    East House - Room 1043



    Course Description

    The course topics include traditional topics in college algebra, advanced trigonometry, and analytic geometry focusing primarily on conics and polar equations. Students experience a thorough analysis of all elementary functions and curve-sketching; practice with proofs such as mathematical induction are included. The trigonometric functions are introduced using a unit circle approach. Graphing techniques are emphasized throughout the course using TI graphing calculators. The final chapter provides an introduction to calculus with the discussion of the limit, the derivative and the integral of a function.

    First semester students will focus on energy sources and conservation topics. For example, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass. In terms of mathematics, we will focus on advanced algebra topics.

    Second semester students will focus on the American Dream by exploring changes throughout the decades. In terms of mathematics we will focus on trigonometry, vectors, polar, matrices, etc.

    Performance tasks like maximizing volume and minimizing surface area in consumerism will be explored. Combinations and permutations will be used to explain lottery type games and security (passwords).