• 11th Grade Language Arts

  • 11th Grade Language Arts

    Instructor: Maricel Edwards

    North House - Room 2008


    Course Description

    Welcome to English 11! This school year you will be learning and developing your skills as critical thinkers, readers, writers, speakers, and listeners through Silent Sustained Reading (SSR), writing, and projects. The development and mastery of these important literary skills not only is important to achieving success in the Language Arts classroom, it is a critical component of achieving success in other school subjects, building strong relationships with others, and attaining a flourishing career as an adult.

    Basically, the quality of life you experience now thorough adulthood will depend a lot on how well you read, write, and communicate with others. In this class, you will read a variety of materials throughout the year. The focus will be on American Literature and the idea of the American Dream.